‘Eating’ is the story of one man’s struggle with food and his memory of when that problem started. Dave, 36, an obese man sits in an overeater’s support group meeting, listening to the other group members and their childhood “sob stories.” He thinks they're screwed up and is glad his own childhood was fine; his parents did the best they could.

Flash back to the 1970’s and we see Dave as a thin 12-year old boy. His mother, a flashy suburban disco diva, and his father, a schlub, are having a “grown-up party.” Dave can't go to the party, and he can't have any of the party food.

Banished to the den, Dave watches TV until he is visited by an older neighbor boy whose parents are at the party. Tommy is Dave's definition of cool – he brings Dave party food and beer and offers to hang out with him. However, Tommy turns the conversation to sex and convinces Dave to go to the bathroom with him to learn “the thing that guys do.” Although they are interrupted, Dave is traumatized by the incident.

Confused, Dave finally wanders out to the party. His mother, drunkenly dancing with and kissing two shirtless men, tells him to go away. His father, preoccupied with his wife's behavior, is of little help. He suggests that Dave go inside and have a “snack.” Defeated, Dave goes back to the house. There he finds a treasure trove of party food. He begins eating, slowly at first, but then loses control. He has finally found his comfort.

Back in the present day, the group leader calls on Dave. Although his memory of the perfect childhood is shattered, he is unready to share it with the group. He slips out of the room.

Running Time: 13:34

see also "Director's Statement."